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HANHOO T-Zone Pore Patch and Extra Strength Blemish Patch | Hydrocolloid Patches | T-Zone Pore Patch – 12 Pore + 12 Triangle Patches | Extra Strength Blemish Patch – 72 Patches

Price: $19.15
(as of Jan 07,2023 19:27:49 UTC – Details)

This T-Zone Pore Patch and Extra Strength Blemish Patch bundle help tackle an oily T-Zone as well as rogue blemishes. Use the T-Zone Pore Patch to absorb excess oil on the t-zone area and the Extra Strength Blemish Patch to minimize stubborn blemishes. Absorbent Hydrocolloid Hydrocolloid is known for its absorbent powers that help extract oil, pus, fluid, and other impurities to help treat and minimize the size of blemishes. ● Protects the skin from outside irritants ● Draws out excess oil and pus ● Turns white as it absorbs gunk ● Gentle and non-irritating on the skin ● Safe for daily use T-Zone Pore Patch ● 4 Pore Patches + 4 Triangle Patches (per pouch) ● Pore patches comfortably fit the nose, chin, or forehead ● Triangle patches help cover areas around the nose, lips, and eyebrows ● Painless, non-irritating pore strip alternative ● Made with hydrocolloid to absorb excess sebum Extra Strength Patch ● Infused with pore-cleansing Salicylic Acid ● Works best on stubborn and hormonal blemishes ● Transparent patch, can be worn day or night ● Safe to use multiple patches on the same spot ● Non-drying, non-irritating

12 Pore Patches and 12 Triangle Patches | 12 pore patches fit the nose, forehead, and chin while the 12 small triangle patches provide extra coverage around the corners of the nose, eyebrows, and lips.
Extra Strength Blemish Patch | Patch up and treat blind pimples and hormonal acne with hydrocolloid patches infused with Salicylic Acid to clean out pores of oil and sebum.
72 Pimple Patches | With 72 18mm translucent acne spot patches, easily cover large blemishes to help flatten pimples during the day or overnight.
For All Skin Types | Non-irritating, non-drying, and drug-free spot treatment. Gentle on the skin as it protects blemishes from irritants and finger-picking

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Advertising VUGA Media Group |  Gossip Stone TV   |  Lifestyle Magazine  |  Coolaser Clinic